Mental Health Survivors



"...I spent a total of four months of my life in locked wards in public psychiatric
hospitals simply for maintaining that I could criticise psychiatric misdiagnosis and
still be sane. Every day gave me more insight into modern psychiatric care in public

Psychiatric Abuses and Oppression

"Psychiatric abuses and oppression is rampant in psychiatry. My story for example exemplifies this..."--Psychiatric Abuses and Oppression


"...Something has to be done about this. Something is wrong when you are drugged and told you have to sign consent forms or appear in their little court rooms held at their facilities and no one who knows you is told what procedures are being used, what they are for etc..."--GRAVELY DISABLED=LOCKED UP=DRUGGED AGAINST THEIR WILL'S

Comments on ECT

"Crimes against the category of persons nominated "mental patients" and heretofore dismissed as irrational and without judgement or intellect will henceforth be considered crimes against humanity for which both the individual psychiatrist and the institution of psychiatry itself, abrogating state sanction and police powers, will be held responsible."--Comments on ECT


"...Please join us, get to know the pharmaceutical industries interests, and maybe help some poor
victim who may be depressed, angry, full of anxiety be saved from life threatening, damaging NEUROLEPTICS!!--RELATIVES & ALLIES OF PSYCHIATRIC SURVIVORS!..."

Prozac and "No-Zac" Stories

"My husband has been on Prozac for three years now and his whole being has changed. These changes have increased in the past year: Extreme mood swings, thoughts of suicide, deep depression, great hostility at times, compulsive behavior, anxiety, problems in sex (where none ever existed in 12 yrs of marriage), rash on arm for almost a year now, insomnia (when he does sleep it is with really bad nightmares), does not want to be touched 98% of the time, and the list goes on. ..."--Prozac and "No-Zac" Stories

Sociopolitical Realities

"...The mental health system makes lots of money and enhances its own professional status by exploiting your distress and differences. Its proponents enhance their social status by destroying yours. The system uses force to project a false image of dangerousness and criminality of the
psychiatrically labeled. ..."

Military Psychiatric & Mental Abuse At Its Worse

"...When the soldier returned early from his mission he caught our unit 1SG with his wife in a parked car going at it, (this 1SG was also married). The command simply used reprisal and psychiatric abuse against me to try and discredit me. Fortunately they were unsuccessful in their attempt..."

"To Be a Mental Patient. . ."

"...To be a mental patient is not to die, even if you want to -- and not cry, and not hurt, and not be scared, and not be angry, and not be vulnerable, and not to laugh to loud -- because, if you do, you only prove that you are a mental patient even if you are not. ..."--To Be a Mental Patient

In The Name of Help

"Diane Klein's novel IN THE NAME OF HELP, dramatically illustrates that psychiatry and psychology are too important to be left in the hands of professionals."--GERALD ANGELO CIRRINCIONE, host of the radio program TOWARD 3000, San Diego, California

Saving Myself From Psychiatry

"...I am really messed up physically and sexually. I have a friend who is a doctor, Mark Luoto, and he says that I am sick and having physical and sexual problems because I took Mellaril for those many years. I have suffered serious and possibly permanent physical and sexual damage from taking these medicines..."

Stop Psychiatric Oppression!

"...Shirley Allen, a self-sufficient Illinois widow, held police and mental health authorities at bay for thirty-nine days in September and October, 1997. Ms. Allen was known for speaking her mind about mental health issues and National Guard activity in the region of the state where she lives. In an attempt to acquire her property, which includes a lucrative oil well, her brother obtained a court order that she undergo "psychiatric evaluation", and the cops served the order with a side of teargas..."

Insanity Inc.

"CAROLYN MCKINNON is a registered nurse who has worked in the mental-health-care arena for over a decade. INSANITY, INC. is the result of her commitment to arouse public awareness and conscience with regard to the extreme vulnerability of the mentally ill who are preyed upon, exploited and mistreated by profiteering "experts" who are drawn to this fruitful industry by a desire to make money. ..."

Home of a Psychiatric Survivor


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